In his article, Marco Ruggieri explores the connections between Umberto Eco and Antonio Gramsci.
Marco Ruggieri, 2021, Eco and Gramsci: Unexplored Connections in Cultural Studies, University of Edinburgh,
ITALIAN STUDIES, VOL. 76, NO. 4, 421–435
That reminds me of the famous 1995 essay by Eco on ur-fascism in which Eco also mentioned Gramsci. To the audio and the text.


On Gramsci’s analysis of the fascism in Germany

Gramsci and the German Crisis, 1929-34, A Historical Interpretation of the Prison Notebooks, D.Phil Thesis in History. University of York presented 2001 by Stephen Overy.

This thesis investigates how far the political theory of Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks (1929-35) had its origins in the crisis which led to the fascist regime in Germany in 1933.

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Information about the prison notebooks

On the publication of the “prison notebooks” in 2000. Very interesting!