Volume 1 Chapter 1 “Gramsci’s Plan and the Legacy of Classical German Philosophy” is an introduction to the basic premises and issues of the “Prison Notebooks” and the author’s project. Chapter 2 “Kant and the Enlightenment 1500 to 1800” presents the struggle of the bourgeoisie against feudalism and, embedded in it, the development of Enlightenment philosophy from the Renaissance/Reformation to the French Revolution and Kant. The first volume is to be followed by others, the contents of which have been conceived and, on average, about 30 % of which have already been written. Volume 2 is 60% complete and, if the author’s working conditions remain the same, may be published in the third quarter of 2021. The preliminary planning is as follows:

Volume 1 (published)

Chapter 1 Gramsci’s Plan and the Legacy of German Classical Philosophy

Chapter 2 Kant and the Enlightenment 1500 to 1800 is published

Volume 2

Chapter 3 Hegel and the Dialectic 1800 to 1830

Chapter 4 Marx and the Upsetting of Hegelian Dialectics 1843 to 1883

Volume 3

Chapter 5 Marx and the Emancipation 1830 to 1848

Volume 4

Chapter 6 The Categorical Imperatives of Kant and Marx

Chapter 7 Marx, Engels and the Liberation of the Proletariat 1848 to 1883

Volume 5

Chapter 8 Darwin, Haeckel, Engels and the Dialectic 1850 to 1895

Volume 6

Chapter 9 Orthodox Marxism, Lenin and Materialism 1883 to 1914

Volume 7

Chapter 10 Lenin and the October Revolution in Russia 1917-1921

Chapter 11 Luxemburg and the November Revolution in Germany 1918-1921

Chapter 12 Gramsci and the Two Red Years in Italy 1919-1920

Chapter 13 Bukharin, Trotsky, Stalin and Lyssenko – Philosophy in the Soviet Union 1917−1938

Volume 8

Chapter 14 Gramsci and the Dialectic 1929 to 1935

Chapter 15 Gramsci and Bourgeois Hegemony 1929 to 1935

Volume 9

Chapter 16 The Everyday Mind and Dialectical Reason

Chapter 16 Gramsci’s Plan – What Should I Do?

Chapter 16 What Can I Hope For